The strong yoga woman…

On Sunday I had the pleasure of watching the film YogaWoman with large group of yogis and yoga enthusiasts at a local studio’s anniversary celebration.  The owner of the studio ordered the film online and loved it so much he wanted to share it with the community and I’m glad he did!

YogaWoman showcases the movement of yoga into the west and the major shift from being male dominated to a generation of females involved in, and leading, the practice.  There are powerful stories of how yoga has helped these women through illnesses and despair, and also how yoga outreach around the world is helping communities and groups of women in places such as Kenya.  This film beautifully shows how yoga changes lives, both physically and mentally, and is such a compliment to many lifestyles – especially the overly-busy one of most modern women.   All too often we are over-scheduled, over-stimulated, and over-stressed with our daily lives of running a job, home, family, etc. and we never take the time we need for ourselves, which can lead to health issues on its own.  The teachings and lives of a number of teachers are highlighted (such as Seane Korn, Shiva Rea, Patricia Walden), as well as, interviews with researchers and doctors who speak of the benefits of yoga and the types of work being done in the field.

Almost as strong as these rocks : )

If you already love yoga, than this film will fill your heart with joy for the world and the people in it – you’ll feel the sense of community.  If you’re new to yoga or haven’t done it before, hopefully it will inspire you to try it or continue on with your practice knowing the benefits and how it has helped others.  There will be skeptics out there and those that yoga just isn’t for, and that is fine as well – running isn’t for me, so I get that we need to find activities that resonate with us personally.

This film is quite inspiring and makes you feel good to know that there are people out there doing great work and helping others in their own communities and around the world.  It also helps to know how yoga is there for you, like a true friend, when you are in pain, feeling anxious or depressed, or just want to feel like you are getting away.  The stories of these women go right for your heart and make you feel proud for being a strong woman who just happens to love yoga too.   Hey, this film even inspires you to get your butt to class more (if you’re looking for that little boost)!  Personally, I learned things about Seane Corn that I didn’t know and was reaffirmed in my desire to attend a class/workshop with the knowledgeable Patricia Walden someday – her style most resonates with me and there would be so much to learn from her!  It’s a film that will help you hear what you need to hear, and will remind you how strong you are and can get through anything.  These yoga women fought adversity and became stronger for it, so can we.  Enjoy it and love it readers.  ॐ


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