We can learn from one another…

Look who I ran into at the Walk!

This past weekend I volunteered in a great event for a cause that is close to my heart – the AIDS Walk For Life.  In the past I had usually participated in the Walk, but this year I wanted to experience and contribute to the event a little differently.  I had been assigned the position of Greeter, which is basically to get out there and chat with people, answer questions, and guide people to the right areas.  Well, since I love to talk and I’m passionate about this cause, it was a good fit for me!  I had a great morning getting out there and talking to the people of our city, while enjoying the beautiful sunshine that was gracing us for this event.

The Walk For Life is a well organized and fun event geared towards everyone.  Before the Walk there was music, performances, a pancake breakfast, and a small market with information booths and a couple sellers.  What a great atmosphere this created for those taking part in the Walk and even for those just passing by wondering what was going on.  It really showcased that even though this is a terrible disease that requires a cure (and soon!), it’s also a celebration of life and surrounding yourself with great people.  And on this day, I really was surrounded by great people.

I met fellow volunteers who had been with AIDS Calgary for quite some time and also new, like myself.  One particular individual really touched my heart with his story and I will be forever grateful for having met him.  His open honesty and positive attitude was very refreshing, really offering a perspective on life that we all need to be reminded of sometimes.  In a way, he showed me that we all carry regrets of some sort, but that we need to keep moving forward and giving all we have in life – don’t give up now, don’t let life kick you to the ground.

After my shift I was able to take part in the Walk, so I joined my friend Diane and her family for the delightful 5k in the sunshine.  The energy was high for the Walk as many people were pumped up by the great music and some people even dressed up in team themed costumes – a nice touch to make the event fun and memorable.  This Walk is definitely not about time or rushing through it… it’s about being around those you care about and enjoying the day, knowing that you’ve contributed to a great cause and are surrounded by like-minded individuals.  What a great day!

So, as you probably can tell, I am so happy that I took part in this event and met (and spent time with) such awesome people.  It goes to show you that even though there are awful things in this world (such as this disease), that there can be joy and positivity found in the company of others.  ॐ

Do you have a cause you feel passionately about? Have you learned anything from other involved?


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