What to write? What to write?

Well hello fellow bloggers and readers!  I have a question for you… have you ever been really stumped on what to write about?  Have you ever sat there thinking ‘crap, I really should write a blog post, but about WHAT?’  Well, this happens to me often.  Usually, something will eventually come to mind though… but, not this time.  I’ve been stumped for a few days!  Maybe longer.  Who can count, really?

Visiting Quail's Gate Winery in Kelowna, BC ❤

It’s not like I’m just sitting around staring at the walls thinking about it though, I’ve been somewhat busy.  First of all, I recently purchased a Kobo and I love it!  I was hesitant at first because I LOVE to own books.  I’m also old school and prefer to read things on paper – you should see how many journal articles I printed during university while all the other students reviewed them online.  But, there does come a time when a gal, living in a small apartment, might be overtaken by books and may need to think about other options.  So, I finally broke down after about a year of thinking about it and purchased the Kobo.  I’ve enjoyed it so far and just finished The Help, which is a great book in my opinion.  I think one of the best selling features of this digital reader (and some others) is that I can read outside – which is one of my favourite things to do in the summer!

On the rainy days, I’ve found a way to get myself entranced by The X Files DVDs.  One of my all time favourite shows, I am now enjoying watching episodes that I have not seen in years.  It’s also quite hilarious to see actors that once made an appearance on the show that are somewhat famous now – Jack Black, Ryan Reynolds, Giovanni Ribisi to name a few.  Yes yes, I know what you’re thinking.  Books and The X Files?!  What a nerd, right?

Drumheller, AB - amazing earth formations and dinosaur museum!

So, there ya go readers.  That’s what I’ve been up to for the past week or two when I’m not working or outside trying to soak up the sun (when it shows itself).  Trying my best to enjoy this short summer and have fun outside of work, something I hope you all are doing as well.  ॐ

How are you enjoying your summer?  Any fun discoveries lately?


Links: Quail’s Gate Winery – Drumheller, Alberta – Dinosaur Museum


3 thoughts on “What to write? What to write?

  1. nope. thats never happened to me. ever. ever. and i mean EVER =P haha when i have nothing to write – i dont write! cant force magic right? i think its not that you have nothing to write, its that you dont think what youre writing is worthy to read. well i always like reading your posts so WRITE AWAY!! love to you cutie ❤ (is that too mushy? my apologies hehe)

    • LOL I know that you never have trouble writing!! You’re blog is always up to date with interesting things to read… I just wonder HOW YOU DO IT?! 🙂 Glad you enjoy some of my ramblings! You rock girl! ❤

  2. I’m really with you right now and my blog has been mostly just sitting other than a recipe now and there. It’s a bummer, but that’s the way it goes.

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