What defines a Yogi?

What defines a yogi*?

Wikipedia says that “A Yogi is a male practitioner of Yoga”, but is that all there is to it?  I don’t think so, which works out fine since I don’t always listen to what the Wiki has to say anyways.

Are there other “qualifications” that make one a yogi?  Do we consider someone a yogi depending on how many times a week they go to class… or if they are vegetarian… or if they wear nothing but Lululemon… or if they smell like incense and use strange words that end in asana?  Because than if this is so, I might be in some trouble here.

Have to be quick to bust out a yoga move in Banff!

I bring this up because I have a secret to tell… shhhh, keep it down… but, I haven’t done “official” yoga for a month (maybe longer).  Now, by “official” yoga I mean classes at a studio or full classes on my own at home.  So, does this make me less of a yogi or not one at all?  Do I need to remove it from my Twitter handle?  Plus, I don’t have any great excuses for this really.  In all honesty, I’ve been trying to get used to a new work schedule and attempting to make the most of my summer outdoors (not in class) since the season is quite short in this city.  I know, I know, those things shouldn’t stop me from doing yoga… but it’s not like I haven’t done ANY.

You see that crazy lady in the gym weight room practicing yoga poses at the end of her workout?  Did you notice that gal whipping out yoga poses along a mountain-side trail?  Has your neighbour been acting strange and doing weird poses in her backyard?  Oh boy… yeah… hahaha… that was me.

So, as you see, I haven’t been to official classes but I have no shame busting out some poses in the oddest places… hell, I even do some weird seated stretching at my desk at work when I feel the need (no one has noticed that yet, but I bet I’ll get some weird looks when they do!).  Also, I wear plenty Lululemon when I am not at work… c’mon, does that count?  I certainly hope so, because I’m not vegetarian and definitely don’t smell like incense… but, I do use words that end in “ass…”, oh never mind.  ॐ

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest readers, it’s your turn to tell me when you think defines a yogi? Or… or… can it really be defined?  Oh yeah, that’s deep.

ps.  Don’t judge me, I’ll get back to classes soon enough… when my body feels it’s need, I’ll definitely go.

pps. * …(or yogini, but as you probably noticed, I use yogi for both sexes most of the time – please don’t get your feathers ruffled on this one <3)


12 thoughts on “What defines a Yogi?

  1. What defines a yogi? It’s a way of life. Trying to be the best person you can be all the time. Serving others and being true to yourself. I think you are doing a great job 🙂

    PS I own one thing from Lululemon

  2. Yikes, it’s a little disturbing that wearing lululemon is on the same level as being vegetarian! 😉 What makes a yogi? Anyone commited to yogic principles/the sutras. I mean, if a yogi is injured and can’t practice asana, does that immediately make them less of a yogi? I’m a vegetarian, but do vegans make ME less of a yogi? Nope. I just do my best, and that’s yoga.

    • LoL – sorry, no wearing Lulu and being a vegetarian are not on the same level, but I hope you get what I mean. I brought it up because I have had people surprised when I tell them I eat meat… I hear “wow, you eat meat? But, you do yoga!”… so there is some association there for people out there.
      We do out best, that’s exactly it! Thanks 🙂

  3. Yoga is definitely a way of life. It’s a combination of practicing asanas and following the ideology of yoga. One without the other would be incomplete. I stopped taking yoga for 3 straight weeks. My first day back was like coming home. 🙂

    On a side note, I almost had a meltdown when I found out that females were referred to as yoginis. I refused to change my Twitter handle! But I was assured that “yogi” is treated like the word “actor” meaning it can be applied to both genders. ::whew::

    • Very true, it is a way of life and we can only hope we are doing our best at it. I’m glad to hear that about the word “yogi”, because I really don’t feel like changing it haha! 🙂

  4. I would agree with every comment here. Yogi is ab your heart and if its intent is to follow the yogic path. I know plenty that do yoga everyday but use it as a form of exercise. Would i consider that a true yogi? Meh not too sure. I dont like getting all caught up in the label. It ultimately does not matter bc no one is really in the position to decide who is and is not “yogic”. Just gotta love life, do yoga (whether it be hatha, bhakti, karma, jnana) and breathe ❤

  5. oh you are such a yogi! Or perhaps a yogini, a lady who rocks poses/asanas in the middle of the street, work, or any other random place.. one of my my fav definitions of yoga is the awareness of inhale and exhale.. that is yoga… so any time you are present with your breath you are doing yoga.. and who says it has to be on the mat or in a studio….

    i love that you are enjoying your short sumer.. hugs and loves you sweet yogini!

  6. Lululemon a yogi does not make. Yoga is a spiritual practice with a physical component, asana is only a small part of the lifestyle. I’d say you are a yogi through and though 🙂 namaste.

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