Love the weekend!

During the National Anthem - Stampeders game

Well readers, this past weekend was an interesting one as it would seem that most North Americans had a holiday (Canada Day July 1st, Independence Day July 4th) that allowed them the glory of a long weekend.  And what a great weekend it was!  Now, before you get all ruffled and say “I didn’t have a long weekend, so shut it”, well, neither did I technically – I worked on Saturday, but made the best of the days around it.


Friday (Canada Day) started off mostly lazy as I had planned, but then we ventured out to enjoy the sun and festivities around lunch time.  We wandered downtown, grabbed a delicious coffee, had lunch, and then checked out the holiday festivities in our city.  I can tell you, I am not much for crowds like that anymore but enjoyed the walking nonetheless.  The evening was spent having a blast at the home opener for the Calgary Stampeders, even though they lost.  I always love getting outside for a football game and a fun atmosphere, we had great fans around us for this game.  We ended the night with some family sitting around a firepit making s’mores – so bad for you, but so tasty (I hadn’t eaten them in at least 10 years!).

Paddle boating!

All in all, it was an awesome Canada Day and I was so glad for the nice weather we had for it.

Even though I worked on Saturday, we still managed to take advantage of the sun and do something fun after – mini-golf!  Played an awesome 18 hole real grass putting green course that was super fun and I didn’t completely suck – yay! 😉

Miraculously, Sunday was also very nice weather so we knew we had to get out and soak it in.  We did this by heading out to a great park in the city and rented a paddle boat, so much fun!  We paddled along a little river, enjoyed the trees, watched the ducks, and just took in all that was around us… that is, until a major wind storm blew in!  But, we didn’t fret and still managed to enjoy the ride and get back in before the wind was too crazy.  The weekend ended with an awesome BBQ with some relaxing out in the yard.  A very nice end to a lovely and fun weekend!

Awwww ducky!

Back to work on Monday here, but I know my American readers are celebrating the 4th of July.  I hope you managed to fill your weekend with fun things, whether big or small, that made you smile and enjoy what life has to offer.  ॐ

How did you spend your long (or not so long) weekend?


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