Decisions, decisions…

Tough decision, right?

How do you decide between two less than enticing decisions?

This is where I am at right now… trying to make a decision between two directions that are both relatively mediocre.

I’ve made pros and cons lists.  I’ve tried visualizing myself in each situation.  I’ve talked to friends, coworkers, and internet friends (thanks Thais!).  And through all of this, I am still not sure which way to go.  Each decision isn’t clear cut either, as I have many other background factors that are involved as well.  My unpredictable future and directions are also part of all this, so it just makes this decision even more difficult right now.

I know we all have difficult decisions to make in life, but this one really shouldn’t be that difficult.  It’s the other factors that make it an issue… one of which is that over the past few years, while moving across Canada a few times, I’ve lost my passion, my actual dreams.  I’ve lost what I wanted to do with my life.

Yoga is the bonus that I have gained over these past few years, which is something that I know I still love… but it’s not in the cards to make it my only job right now.  I still carry around loads of student debt from that lovely degree I received years ago, so a certain amount of income is required to keep the head above water.  If only I was so great of a yoga teacher to make it my only source of income!  But then again, I’m usually interested in many things at once, so I probably wouldn’t want it to be my only pursuit.

So here I am… stuck between two simple decisions with a much more difficult one coming up soon.  When they say life is a journey they also have to mention all the bumpy roads along the way…. some with major potholes even!  ॐ

What are your strategies for decision making?  Or, do you just go with your gut every time?


5 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions…

  1. I hear ya loud and clear. I used to be a great decision maker, but as I’ve grown up I realize things aren’t that simple. Everything has pros and cons. Things are more complicated. Learning to hold conflicting beliefs, opinions or even poses is part of our yoga. Just sit with it and when the right decision comes along, you’ll be able to make it confidently. If you still simply cannot make your decision, do what I do. Just let the conflicting ideas float away like leaves in a stream. When it’s right, you’ll know.

  2. You sound just like me – i would love to just drop everything and do yoga but noooo my diploma on the wall reminds me everyday of the debt i chose to get in =D you know how sometimes you go to a restaurant because you REALLY wanted spaghetti, but then you stare at the menu for a really long time and start thinking well maybe you want… pizza. or salad. and then finally decide on that pizza and after the meal you still crave spaghetti? before you got into all this hot mess – what did you crave?

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