YIOM reflection…

I fell off the wagon. (This may not be the right expression for this, but I’m rolling with it)

Yep, I fell off the blog writing wagon.  I did not fill my YIOM quota for the past week, but I think I had an acceptable reason.  Well, acceptable in my mind. 😉

I was visiting my partner in Toronto (where he goes to school) for the past week, which pretty much caused me to neglect my blog writing and I apologize.  We all goof up and I’m sure you didn’t miss my random musings anyway (I kid, I kid!).  So, I figure I better get a last post in at the end of the month to save myself a little bit.

Even though it was only a week, my little trip away had some nice highlights including a Blue Jays game (they won!), an afternoon at the horse races, and a wine tour of 4 wineries in Niagara Falls.  These may not seem like the craziest of adventures, but I truly enjoy the simple things in life, especially if they don’t cost too much money.  Also, I’m still pretty new in my wine drinking experience, so visiting wineries and learning more is interesting and fun to me….. and well, delicious!

YIOM has been a fun month of both reading and writing blogs, so many great words have been passed around.  I’ve learned lots about others and hope a few of you have enjoyed my posts as well.  A lot of the YIOM participants are quite inspirational and I can only hope that my blog and writing skills will develop like theirs in the future.  If you haven’t had a chance to check them out, click here for a list of the blogs and visit some now (well, when you’re done reading this post of course!).   And even though YIOM is finished tomorrow, I am sure a lot of these bloggers will continue on quite regularly with their writing…. I am going to try to keep up as well.  Key word here is TRY.  I need to build that confidence in my writing… that’s what blogs are for, right?

In the end, I enjoyed the challenge of trying to write a few more posts than usual and definitely liked reading a lot of other posts.  Such a community has been formed and it’s been great to add some lovely new twitter contacts as well.  This has inspired me to try and keep up my writing and work on this blog a little more.  I enjoy writing, but sometimes lack faith in it’s quality, so I need to let some of that go and just write!  Just enjoy the process and hope some of what I produce resonates with someone out there.  Just like others’ writing resonates with me.

So, I hope you’ve all enjoyed this month of YIOM like I have and will continue to read and visit these great blogs too!  Be sure to check out the closing post by the starter of YIOM, Lorin at The Vegan Asana.  She really started something here and it’s been fun!  Keep up the good work YIOM-ers! 🙂  ॐ

How did you enjoy YIOM?  Are you ever nervous about your writing?


5 thoughts on “YIOM reflection…

  1. I LOVE YOUR BLOG POSTS!!!!!!!!!! there does that instill enough confidence in you to continue writing a lot and a lot? =D in all seriousness though, i am so glad you decided to be a part of this community and i have truly enjoyed our twitter chats! so keep writing love, there are people out there hanging on to your every words ❤

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