What do you love?

“If you want money more than anything, you’ll be bought and sold.  If you have a greed for food, you’ll be a loaf of bread.  This is a subtle truth: whatever you love, you are.”  ~Rumi found in Mala of the Heart

This is another quote that really resonated with me when I was flipping through this book after my little episode two weeks ago.  It is our nature to constantly think about what we love and profess it to others – “I love shoes, I love coffee, I love cars, etc.”  But, what do we really love and what does it say about us?  Are we saying that we love certain things because society tells us it’s right?  This is true for a lot of people, even myself, but I do hope that we can grow and learn and come to see what we really seek and love.  I’m still going to tell you that I love coffee, but material possessions and things have become less of an interest in life.  I wish to gain experiences and knowledge more than anything now and hopefully that is affecting what I love, and as a result, what I am. ॐ

What do you love readers?  Has your perspective changed over time?


2 thoughts on “What do you love?

  1. Yes, I hear you. I was surveying my books yesterday, which I love. Anyways, I was thinking, do I really need to hang on to them. Does having this make me more lovable? Things really can’t love us back, so why do we profess love for them. Right now, I am loving spending time with people, getting to know myself and gearing up for this next phase of life. A thing can’t really return the depth of feeling and experience as being in this world and living fully can. I think when you really love out then your life loves you back. So, all your things while nice don’t substitute for actually living.If that makes sense…

  2. I am a big culler: get rid of things I’m not needing anymore. I think that people and places that don’t serve you are also important factors to consider (do they benefit you in any way?).

    My perspective changes daily as my students, my friends and even more my elves show me what I don’t need anymore.

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