Change is positive, right?

Picture this –  I’m sitting in my local Starbucks yesterday quietly reading an interesting book that one of my closest friends gave me for Christmas, when two certain lines strike me in the most fascinating way:

“The unknown is necessary for change.  When you make peace with that fact, the world will transform itself from a place of constant risk to the playground of the unexpected.” ~ Deepka Chopra pg. 67 The Shadow Effect

Now, I’ve only started to read this book recently even though I received it months ago.  Some unexpected changes have happened in my life in the past few weeks (with more likely to come), so I have been seeking inspiration, and even answers, from different sources.  I figure my friend sent this book to me for a reason, so it was about time to start reading.

Before you start commenting, I realize that the answers are within me and I can’t just find them outside somewhere.  But, occasionally my hope is that I might get a clue or something will trigger in my mind from the readings/quotes/poems that are available.  A girl can hope, right?

So, why do these two lines mean so much to me?  Well, I figure that due to the recent changes in my life and the constant wondering of what is to come, I sometimes experience periods of anxiety or worry.  I try my best to avoid these feelings, but this is a pretty normal reaction in my mind.  There’s always a sense of wonder of what is to come, no matter your current situation.  These two lines remind me there is a positive side to change, which is definitely the better way to look at it – damn you Deepak! 😉

Inherently, I believe I know this, but there are always those days that I need an extra kick in the butt!  So, I’ve written this quote on the cover of my notebook and if I get my hand on some post-its, I’ll probably stick it to my fridge.  In my current ups and downs, I will need this reminder to keep me on the shinier side of life.  Like Thais, I also keep a collection of inspirational quotes and poems around for reference.  All of them are not required daily, but each has been relevant to a particular day, week, or month and these two lines above are relevant for this week.  You might need to use this one at some point, which is fine because it could help a lot of us to see the world in a more positive manner – like, an exciting playground!  ॐ

Does this quote strike you in this moment as well?  Or, do you have a different view on change?


5 thoughts on “Change is positive, right?

  1. I like think it a great quote and all about possibility. I am going through a lot of changes right now and this quote definitely has a certain something. I am of the belief that life gives you opportunities and you have to see/seize them(as far as signs go). Anyway,the beginning of the quote is especially good.

  2. ya know what is funny? my life is so un-change that all i want IS change… and yet when I have a change its either not the change I want OR I realize I dont want change after all. And that is why its so important to learn to not resist life. To let whatever happens, happen. To just be happy with the moment given to us RIGHT NOW. Love this post and oh how I love deepak =P

  3. Yes, mine is usually the change I don’t want, so I am not totally sure why that happens but people tell me there is a reason. Just gotta figure that reason out……. 🙂

  4. my life is ALWAYS in flux b/c of my kids… so I have learned to embrace the changes that come to me rather than fight them. Perhaps that’s a sign of how I have changed 😉

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