Inspiration shared

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration to get us through a moment/day/week and that’s just what I needed after my little situation that happened during yoga earlier this week (see previous post).  While I was sitting outside of class the studio manager handed me a book that is her current favourite for moments such as this – Mala of the Heart.  I didn’t read it all, but as I flipped through it some poems stood out to me and I wrote them down.  Here’s one that I felt like sharing today:

“If you circumambulated every holy shrine in the world ten times, it would not get you into heaven as quick as controlling your anger.”  ~ Kabir (India)

What do you think of this quote?  Does it speak to you at all?


4 thoughts on “Inspiration shared

  1. YES i love that a lot!! And i think it speaks worlds about the importance of not living life reacting. For me – I am always ready to sharply retort back to my parents. Practicing breathing before I speak has helped me keep the peace. ❤

  2. I think this is very true. It is hard to control your anger-especially when you feel justified in it. I know this is something I need to be mindful of. I want to check this book out, too.

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