Here’s to being honest…

So, I was originally going to post an inspirational quote or picture today for YIOM, but something else came up before that post was complete.  To be honest, this is a little scary for me share with you right now readers, as I can be quite a private person.  But, part of healing and being more open is to share, so hear it is – I couldn’t finish a yoga class today.  Not because I was too tired, out of shape, or anything like that, but because I had such an overwhelming sense of emotion come over me that I had to step out of class.

This has never actually happened to me before, so right away I was embarrassed.  But, since I attend a great studio with supportive teachers and friendly staff, I was helped through the moment and told that it was actually ok – the manager even mentioned that this has happened to her before and she finds it to be a pretty normal occurence.

For those readers not fully immersed in the yoga community, this most likely seems strange (or even weak).  It’s times like this that I am glad to have my yoga community around me – non-judging and genuinely caring about my well-being (and that of others as well).  These people offer a friendly shoulder and other resources (books, yoga sequences) to help you get through the moment, and maybe even figure out what brought it on.  I haven’t fully figured it out yet, but it was nice to have that caring ear.  So, for right now I’ll just have to let the realization come on its own time and not rush it – because that never really solves anything.

There you have it readers, an openly honest and personal post from me today.  It is my hope that it either helps you in some way or aids you in becoming less judging of others.  We all have a story inside and sometimes that comes out in the most inopportune time.  Or, if you’re lucky, comes out during yoga. 🙂 ॐ

Have you ever had a wave of emotion hit you in yoga or meditation?  What did you think about it at the time?


15 thoughts on “Here’s to being honest…

  1. Thank you for sharing!!! I’ve become emotional quite often in my yoga practice – once during an hour yoga nidra class i cried for 45 minutes!! So you are definitely NOT alone and in fact quite normal! love love love <333

  2. Oh, I think this is *totally* normal! I know it happens to me very often when doing hip openers and loving kindness meditation – you hit one of those pockets where you were holding deep emotions and tapped into it and released it. It’s all good!

  3. Hells bells lady you bet it has happened to me! In fact when I first started practicing at a studio 5 years ago I stopped because I cried in Savasana. It scared it so I quit and it took me 6 months to go back.

    We carry these deep emotional stories or memories in our muscles and we never know what movement will bring them back. That’s a big part of why we do yoga, and it isn’t always pretty. Once I had a smell come up that reminded me of being a kid, one time I was so mad at my teacher b/c he constructed a class to make us churn with our emotions. I’ve been mad, giggly and bawling. All of those are uncomfortable and challenging and part of the practice.

    My advice is to find a teacher with whom you feel very safe, a teacher who can hold your space for you and allow you to move through a practice that taps into emotional stuff so you can feel it. I once had a teacher say we’d do a private and work with big heart openers to help me with this. I am suggesting this b/c I didn’t take her up on it and for a while there was a big bit of anger and fear that kept me from letting go in class.
    Just remember: it may be just raw emotion, maybe not even associated with a specific event. The release is the gift.. the afterward is much lighter.

    hugs and welcome to the weepy club! xo

    • Thank you so much for your honesty! It is helpful to know that I’m not alone and that this can even be looked at as a positive experience. I think I am slowly learning the same thing, to let it go if it comes and not hold anger or fear – after all, being in a yoga studio should be comfortable and non-judging if those moments come up. I definitely have a great teacher that was helpful and offered many kind words, so I am thankful for that… I’m sure I’ll be sticking with her!
      Thank you again ❤

  4. Thanks for writing such an honest post. It’s great to hear you have such a supporting teacher.
    Coming out of my first ever meditation, led by a yoga teacher, I realised I had a tear running down my cheek. Looking back now, I can see and understand that it was a release of emotional angst but at that time it was a bit of a shock! One thing I do remember is that it was still a beautiful experience, and I felt very peaceful afterwards.

    • I certainly didn’t feel the beautiful part right away, I had to work through the embarrassment first. I still have lots to learn in yoga, that’s what makes it so great. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Friend, you are most definitely not alone! I had a death in my family and it has taken me almost 6 months to get back on the mat. I still have moments of fear/awe/sadness when I am alone in my thoughts in savasana or trying desperately to balance in warrior 3!


    • Understandable! These emotions came way before savasana (after a few inversions), so I was a little surprised that’s for sure. Lots of things to work out on the mat ahead! Thank you xo!

  6. Ahhh… i get misty eyed in savasana all the time… A lot of the time I get teary because I’m just so happy and grateful and feel so lucky that it just brings a couple drops to my eyes. So, to avoid other people around encroaching on my emotions, I just fold my towel over my eyes so no-one is the wiser. Now this would obviously look silly if I did it during a regular pose – but so far it’s only the release of savasana that causes it for me.
    Either way, emotion is beautiful, and you should be proud that you have allowed to tap into your own.

  7. Lovely blog. I really observe people deeply and it is amazing
    how angry people become from the smallest things.
    As the Bible says: Controlling one’s anger and tongue – often
    the weapon used when angry – leads to a peaceful and productive life.

    I paraphrased of course [proverbs]

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