Work and Yoga

One of the many benefits of working part-time in a yoga studio is that I get to attend workshops when they are during my shift.  Yesterday I had this opportunity to take part in the learning from Julie Gudmestad, ex-writer for the Yoga Journal.  She held a workshop at our studio last year that was amazing, so I was happy to get a chance to be part of this one as well.  Julie is an incredibly knowledgeable teacher, so there is LOTS to learn from her about the body, physical therapy, and yoga.  I’m sure with her vast knowledge, that she has helped many people over the years to achieve their best and feel better in their bodies.

This workshop’s major focus was on the neck and shoulders, which as a chronic pain/whiplash sufferer was a very huge draw for me.  Even though I do my yoga, exercise, and stretch I am still pretty closed in these areas so the information she was providing was incredibly helpful!  Lots of at-home exercises I can work on to help get these areas open and hopefully feeling better.

So, I encourage you to attend one of her workshops if she’s in your area, great for teachers and students alike!  In the meantime, I’ll get back to work and wait for the next exciting workshop to come along!  ॐ

Have you ever attended a truly inspirational workshop?  Or one that was helpful for healing an injury?


2 thoughts on “Work and Yoga

  1. So I might be a tad of a comment queen – i just cant help it your posts are so darn cute!! I am glad you had the opportunity to take her workshop I will def keep my eyes peeled for when she is in town! I am SO excited be participating in Yoga Journal conference in NY. mm mm =)

  2. Comment away because I love reading them!!
    I bet you are excited, that will be totally amazing… can’t wait to read your blog about it! 🙂

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