Good times in the Maritimes

Yes readers, I’m back!  Back from a nice week long visit to my hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia.  And, like the title says, good times were had in the Maritimes.  I celebrated a friend’s 30th birthday, visited with family, and enjoyed some delicious eats – an eventful week was had!  Now, I wouldn’t say that all my meals were the most healthy choices (local faves are poutine and donairs), but since I don’t get home often, I decided to indulge a little.  No sense over-thinking what I ate, I’m back to my regular routine and healthy foods already!

Visiting home always brings about some interesting realizations, both good and bad.  I’m really starting to notice more and more that the further I go into the health and wellness realm, the less things I have in common with my family.  This is definitely bound to happen and I can’t make others change, they will have to come into it in their own time – and that’s ok!  I can only hope that every time I visit they learn a little bit more from me about being active or nutrition choices.

I took some time to visit some great local businesses and the lovely Halifax waterfront – oh how I miss the ocean!  Also spent lots of time with my best girls there, which was refreshing and fun.  We are all so similar, that when I come to visit it’s like I never left.  They are great gals and I always miss their company when I come back to Calgary.  Thank goodness for Skype!

Not sure when I will be going back to visit again, but hopefully it will be a summer visit next time.  This spring visit was lovely, but I do miss hitting the beaches and seeing all the beautiful scenery!  In the meantime, I’ll fill the void with traditional Maritime music and keeping my accent strong – yes, b’y! 😉  ॐ











A friend’s favourite pic from my trip – Theodore Tugboat

Are you living away from home?  How often do you feel nostalgic?


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