Sunday dinner creation!

Guess what readers?  In a few days I am heading to my hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia to visit friends and family for a week.  It’s been quite some time since I’ve visited home, so I’m pretty excited.  I have lots of catching up to do and plenty of eating at my old favourite restaurants will be taking place!

As the day of my flight approaches any time I go away, I tend not to go to the grocery store for new/fresh items because I like to avoid wasting food as much as possible.  Consequently, I faced a challenge of what to make for dinner on Sunday evening.  I scanned my fridge and cupboards and this mish-mash is what I came up with – its got healthy ingredients and actually tasted really good! (But, I guess I wouldn’t share a bad tasting recipe with you, would I?)

The ingredients I had on hand:

ground chicken (probably half a pound)
brown rice (1/2 cup)
half a red onion
can of organic red kidney beans (no added salt & such)
half an avocado
organic salsa (if you have homemade, even better!)
pepper, garlic, basil

What I did with these ingredients:

Made the brown rice to package instructions in its own pot.

In a frying pan I browned the ground chicken with pepper, garlic, and basil then added the red onion.  When the red onion was slightly cooked I added 3/4 can of the red kidney beans to warm them up.

In a bowl I added the cooked brown rice on the bottom and then the ground chicken mixture.  To add some gorgeous green colour I emptied half an avocado on top with some salsa on the side to taste.

Have some brown rice chips on the side and you have a great meal!  Well, I certainly enjoyed it and will even make this mish-mash again.  Maybe you can give it a try or even substitute a couple of the ingredients to make it your own – either way, enjoy!  ॐ

Have you ever thrown together a meal with a mish-mash of ingredients?  How did it turn out?

(And yes, I have to work on my food photography – but you get the idea, right? :))


2 thoughts on “Sunday dinner creation!

  1. eating before a trip is always SO DARN HARD for me because I love my fresh foods. and i hate having anything go to waste so im the girl that has a million different things for dinner the night before i leave because i feel bad about throwing things away haha have a great trip!!!

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