It’s Chili time!

No, it’s not Superbowl Sunday…. and I’m not even cooking for a bunch of people this time.  But, it is quite the wintery day out there in Calgary and I had a craving for comfort food.  Long ago my favourite comfort food was mac & cheese, but since growing more lactose intolerant and trying to eat as healthy as I can, that is no longer an option.  So, today I decided I would cook up something that I haven’t had in awhile – chili!  I tend to stay away from red meat as much as I can, so this version is with ground chicken.  You can also use ground turkey, but the chicken was on sale today at the grocery store so it is the meat that I’m working with this time!

Superbowl Sunday is coming up quick, so maybe you’ll want to give this one a try to share with friends and family, while watching the game.  Or, if it’s as cold as Hoth (Star Wars joke ;)) where you are, then this will thaw out your limbs and warm you up quickly.  It’s healthy and tastes good, so it’s sure to be a hit!

Cozy Chicken Chili


ground chicken (half a pound or more depending on how many people you’re cooking for or how much leftovers you want!)

half (or more if you like) red pepper chopped

half red onion diced

3 – 4 mushrooms sliced

crushed/diced tomatos (1 can organic with no extra ingredients)

red kidney beans (if canned, organic with no extra ingredients)

garlic (minced)
ground cayenne pepper

goat’s feta (optional)


Brown ground chicken in a pan adding pepper to taste.  When browned, add veggies and cook for about 5 – 10 minutes.

In a large pot add tomatos, rinsed red kidney beans and garlic, basil, and oregano.  Stir and simmer to let flavours mix.

When chicken is browned and veggies cooked, add to the pot of tomatos and red kidney beans.  Stir well and add ground cayenne pepper to taste.  Obviously add more if you want spicier or add another hot spice of your choosing!  Just make sure it’s a pure spice with no extras, such as salt, to keep it healthier.  Let simmer for 1 – 2 hours to really let those flavours mix well together – I know it’ll be hard to resist!

Serve hot and add a little crumbled goat’s feta on top if you choose!  Delicious and comforting, what could be better?! 🙂

(My basic photography skills really do not do this dish justice, try it yourself and take a better pic than mine haha!  Enjoy!)  ॐ


3 thoughts on “It’s Chili time!

    • Becoming lactose intolerant definitely changes the diet a bit. Lots of things to restrict.. but I think I miss cheese the most. Seems strange sometimes, but cheese was so great to add to a lot of things. So, now it’s all about improvisation in cooking! 🙂

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