“Anyone can do yoga”

Yes, just as the Power of Movement ad says – anyone *can* do yoga!

Yoga is an activity that is for those of all shapes and sizes and levels of flexibility.  There are many styles of yoga, so you are certain to be able to find something for your level of fitness as well.

If you are wanting to read more about the different styles, here is a great link to start with or you can have a look through chapter two of the Teaching Yoga book by Mark Stephens.  Doing your research and even trying a few styles will help you to find the yoga best for your body.  If you are unsure about your fitness level or have an injury, definitely give your local studio a call to see if they have classes suitable for you.  Personally, Iyengar yoga is the style I feel most comfortable with, most likely due to its accessibility to everyone.  As some of you may know, in the past I suffered a soft tissue neck injury (whiplash) and still deal with chronic pain to this day.  In the early stages of the injury, when I found Iyengar yoga, I was so happy because this style was amazingly helpful.  The well trained teachers and use of props helped me to do the poses that were right for my body at the time.  The props assisted me with poses that I found more challenging, so that I didn’t feel left out in a class.

Another style that I have grown to love along my journey is Yin yoga.  The relaxing, meditative nature of this style helps me to feel great, gain body awareness, and experience its restorative capabilities.

Alright, enough about me!  Hopefully you have found this post because you are thinking about starting yoga – or maybe you already have and you just enjoy reading my blog! 🙂  Either way, I encourage you to find the style that’s best for you so you can start feeling stronger and more self aware today!

I also encourage you to check out the Power of Movement cause, as mentioned at the start of this post.  I’m taking part in this event in Calgary and I am very excited!  A great teacher is going to be leading the group – Kim McNeil – with an all levels Hatha yoga style session.  It’s sure to be a real treat on February 27th, so definitely check out the site and sign up if you’re free that day (or sponsor someone else!).  It’s easy to do and the $5 registration fee goes towards arthritis research for this awesome Karma class!  Inspire some friends to join you while you’re at it! 🙂

With such a diverse crowd expected at the event, you’ll truly be able to see that “anyone can do yoga”!  See you there!  ॐ



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