2011 Intentions

So, it’s 10 days into 2011 and I’m wondering – how are your resolutions coming along so far?

In past years I had never made resolutions as I always feared their failure… and this year I still didn’t make any.  Nope, not one… no this year, I’m focusing on intentions.

After reading various blog posts and speaking with yoga teachers, I came to realize that intentions have more meaning and purpose in our everyday lives.  Intentions address the meaning behind our goals and so in the long run, can be easier to focus on or integrate into our lives.  For example, instead of telling yourself you are “going to lose weight”, look at why you want to make this change and focus on that and its rewards.  Tell yourself “I want to feel healthy and strong” or “I would like more energy for yoga, workouts, cycling, etc…” and then the rest will fall into place.  It’s so easy to fail when we don’t see numbers changing on the scale, but if you start focusing on when you feel better or have more energy as a reward than you will be less likely to give up on your goal.

It takes some time to come around to this way of thinking, especially in our rewards driven society.  We, as North Americans, want results yesterday… and get upset when that doesn’t happen, and even worse, we quit.  This year, let’s intend not to quit when we don’t get immediate results, as we will be focusing on the other rewards that lead us to our goals instead – which is incredibly rewarding when we think of it!  If we start to see some positivity in every day on our road to our goal then we will ultimately feel more empowered and driven to continue with our intentions.  Realizing “I have so much energy today” over the negative thought of “my weight is still the same” is going to give you that much more of a push and most likely get you moving to the nearest yoga or cycling class, instead of the couch.  And, don’t you just feel great after yoga? 😉

So, before rambling on even more, here is a brief overview of my intentions for 2011:

I’ve always enjoyed writing, but find myself shy to share this with others at times… I intend to practice my writing more in hopes to share more with you (and keep this blog going!).

Yoga makes me feel great inside and out… I intend to increase my practice for this purpose and for professional growth as well.

We all need an income to pay our bills, so I intend to be more open minded in employment so that I can eventually begin my education in holistic nutrition.  I always thrive when I am learning, so I can’t wait to start this journey.

My life has had its challenges (just like everyone else), so I intend to put some positivity into my life so that I may look more happily into the future, which I hope will allow me to plan for the future in a better way.

I find myself to be a shy and sometimes introverted individual.  So, this year I intend to try and step out of the box a little bit and become slightly more outgoing so that I may network in my field of interest and get to know some great people along the way.

Well, there’s a little look into my life right now readers.  What do you think?  Do you have similar intentions or goals?  As a side note, I would also like to travel more…. I have a great interest in other cultures and cuisine, so traveling is always on my mind.  No big plans in the works for this year, but if some of the things above work out in 2011, maybe some travel plans will be in the works for 2012. 🙂

I hope this post has inspired you to review your resolutions and start thinking about the intentions behind them.  We all deserve to succeed, so here’s hoping 2011 is a wonderful and rewarding year for us all!  ॐ

(Feel free to post some of your intentions for 2011 in the comments section to share with others.  You never know, your thoughts might be very inspiring to another reader out there!)


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