Stampede’s over, now what?

Now that another Calgary Stampede has come and gone, I ask how are you feeling readers?  I bet you are thinking why am I asking this?  I have posed this question to you because I’m not feeling so hot this week, so I am wondering ‘how you doin’ Calgary.

I admit it, I overindulged a little on my visits to the Stampede grounds last week (even though I know better!).  One of my excuses when I was there was: “it’s only once a year right?” – does this sound familiar?  ‘Cus chances are, we don’t do this “only once a year”!  Don’t tell me YOU hold back during the Christmas holidays (where’s my 3rd helping of turkey stuffing with gravy?!).

So, the best thing to do right now is not to feel ashamed or defeated.  Everyone indulges a little bit, don’t hang your head, it’s time to jump right back up and get on track again!  If you’re feeling kind of down, you don’t need to take huge steps to get things back on track – little steps, that aren’t daunting, will be more important for success.

Since Stampede is over, you’ve probably done the first step – less corn dogs, mini-donuts, and fries in your diet!  Yay!  I don’t know about you, but I am glad for this!  I can try to tell myself that mini-donuts are good for me, but it’ll never make it true!

So, the next step might be to incorporate some healthy food items back into your diet.  You can try my Yummy Quinoa Salad recipe one evening or switch to some yummy green leafy salads for lunch.  Getting some greens back into your diet is going to help you start to feel amazing (especially if you switch your pizza for salads at lunch – this will help to wipe away the afternoon dulldrums).  Another delicious lunch recipe, from a Holistic Nutritionist, can be found here.  Or check out a couple recipes from another Holistic Nutritionist here, yum!

Now that you’re probably not two-stepping as much anymore (lol), you need to find a way to get a little exercise back into your weekly routine.  Ideally, you should be doing 30-60 minutes of activity per day, but if this isn’t feasible right now, we can start a little smaller.

You know that I’m going to say that you should try yoga ASAP!  Yoga is an activity that is accessible to everyone – all shapes, sizes, and ranges of flexibility!  Yes, it’s true!  Definitely try a beginner’s class at your local studio – this will help you learn all of the postures in a supportive environment.  It’s especially helpful to have the teacher there to guide you in proper positioning to reduce any chances of injury.
Now if you’re a little shy, I think you should still try a studio class :), but you can also do some yoga at home first.  There are many great books and videos out there to help you get started.  Just a few suggestions:

DVD – Patricia Walden’s Yoga For Beginners
Online – – online resource with information and videos
Book – Yoga: The Path to Holistic Health by B.K.S. Iyengar

But, I still believe it will be beneficial for you to get the studio experience when you can – there are many great teachers to learn from out there, so definitely give it a try!

Of course, there are other fitness options besides yoga – maybe try a fitness class once or twice a week at your local gym.  You don’t have to start big if the time commitment feels daunting – I’d rather you start small and succeed in the long run.  I also enjoy aquatic fitness – low impact, great crowd, and fun workout – what more could you ask for?!  Many local gyms or city gyms have this option – if you are in Calgary check this site out for more information.

I feel that a few small changes such as these are a great way to get started back on track and put the Stampede indulgences behind you.  So, here’s to getting ourselves feeling better, re-energized, AND no more corn dogs (at least till next year, right?! LOL).  ॐ


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