The search continues…..

I never wanted to be a CEO or part of some huge multi-national company.  These career types weren’t my passion.  “So, then, why did you complete a business degree?” asked a friend of me yesterday.  That question made me stop and think and give my most honest answer.  I wanted to run my own business.  Somewhere in my early twenties I determined that I wanted to be my own boss and decided to take the courses that would provide me with the skills to get there.  “What kind of business did you want to own?” was the obvious next question.  I laughed a little and replied, again honest, a sports store.  I had a little dream of owning my own sports memorabilia store, talking sports all day with customers, carrying rare items, and just generally enjoy my days sharing my interest with customers and friends.  Now, I know this is a bit glorified as I am fully aware that running your own business is extremely hard work with many hours involved, but the thought of working for myself just got me excited.  Oh, to not be bossed around by bitter, power-hungry bosses any longer!

Now this dream didn’t really match up with my childhood dreams of being a teacher or a singer.  Yes, there was a time I thought I could sing (I’ve since been told to keep it to singing in the shower!).  You may be thinking ‘what do your childhood dreams have to do with adult ambitions?’; I used to think that too.  This was until I attended a career building workshop taught by a psychologist focused on career skills.  She told the group that this was completely relevant because our childhood dreams can have transferable skills and qualities into adulthood.  There can be links between what we dreamed of then and what we dream of now as adults.  It opened my eyes!  Yes, I don’t want to be a school teacher anymore, but I do want to teach and spread knowledge to others, especially in the yogic realm.  So amazingly, the want to teach others has stayed with me even if the industry of choice has changed – but the singing dream is over, not even karaoke for me; so the public is safe!

I tell you this now because I am always thinking about the past and future; this is a curse of mine.  I try to plan ahead, but also look back to think about what I have learned from my experiences as I continue on my journey.  The search for a meaningful career is a difficult one for many people.  Sometimes we get lost, sometimes distracted, so the search can be lengthy and take us in all different directions.  I have been on many different paths and tried multiple fields and still consider myself to be part of this search (sometimes with frustration).  But, I am trying my best to keep my mind open and to focus on the here and now, so that the ideas can flow freely and possibly guide me in the right direction.  A lot of people have been saying ‘life’s too short’ to me lately and I think I am starting to see this; which isn’t positive or negative in any way, it’s just reality.  Life can be quite short and time can move by faster than you know it, so live in the here and now and start living for yourself – this is what I am learning to try to do every day.  ॐ


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