A Moksha Adventure

Alright, so, last week I made a big step – I tried hot yoga.  Now, it wasn’t traditional hot yoga, I decided to take it easy and try it as a Yin Yoga class first (I always proceed with caution!).   Before I go any further, this is not to say that Yin Yoga is easy; quite the contrary.  Yin takes a whole other kind of discipline to be able to relax into the poses that you hold for a longer period of time, and of course, keeping your mind clear while doing it.  So, the point is, Yin is also challenging but in a different way then, say, a flow class.

I can be honest and say that I am always a little nervous when I go to a new yoga studio.  Different studios have different traditions and ways of doing things, and sometimes (not always) the staff can be intimidating and less than helpful.  This wasn’t the case at this particular Moksha studio.  The front desk person was very helpful and made me feel welcome , so I was excited to experience this new part of my yoga journey.

Ok, so, the room was HOT.  Typically, I don’t like to do yoga if the room is too warm, but I was trying to be open for this new experience.  Still the room was damn hot.   I laid down on my mat waiting for the class to begin, and yeah, I almost fell asleep.  It was so hot and cozy, what do they expect?

To make a long story short, the class was excellent!  The teacher was soothing and encouraging and the class was executed fantastically.  I felt great afterwards!  I felt my mind quiet, even just for a little bit, which is a big victory for my ever-thinking mind.  Settling in to some intense poses for almost 5 minute long holds has some amazing healing affects on the body and mind.

Now, skip to today, when I decided I would do a Moksha class.  I’m not certain, but I think the room might have even been hotter this time around.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I hadn’t had a chance to check out the specific Moksha sequencing beforehand, but I was still open to this new experience.  Honestly, the poses weren’t anything that I hadn’t done before – it was the heat that was my challenge.  So, I’m not sure if I wasn’t prepared, maybe not enough food in my system, but 25 minutes into the class I had to take a break.  Like, actually leave the room break.  So, I sat outside the room, feeling like a fool all while knowing that there isn’t supposed to be an ego in yoga.  I took 5 minutes to cool down, and went back in the room and finished the class (with a little encouragement from the front desk girl).

I won’t say it was easy, that class kicked my butt.  It was uncomfortably hot for me, so I may have spent more time focusing on that then on my practice.  Many people love hot yoga and swear by it, so why can’t I get used to the heat?  I’m usually cold all the time and have bad circulation, so doesn’t this stuff work as a kind of cure?  Will my cold feet go away now?  Ok, I digress.

So, I’m going to see how I feel tomorrow and then I’ll decide if the Moksha class will be attempted again.  I’m not giving up, I’m just going to figure out a way for this to be tolerable for me (and enjoyable).  I had an amazing experience with the Yin class, so that might just be the style for me when it comes to heated yoga.  And, as I have to sometimes remind myself, there’s nothing wrong with that.   ॐ


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